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Visit Centre de pneus 8!

Secure Your Drive with Expertly Installed Quality Tires!

Located in Saint-Michel, CENTRE DE PNEUS 8 offers high-quality tires and general mechanic services.

Tire Balancing Saint-Michel

Tire Center in Saint-Michel


Services offered at our tire center in Saint-Michel

Discover a diverse selection of top-notch new and used tires at our facility. You're welcome anytime, with or without an appointment, and we'll greet you warmly.

We specialize in general mechanics and have the tools required for wheel installation and balancing. Our skilled team handles all car makes and models.

You can also visit our establishment for air conditioning and automotive electrical services.

Stop by our center to buy and have the most appropriate tire installed on your vehicle.

Sale of New and Used Tires Saint-Michel

Why Opt for CENTRE DE PNEUS 8?

Improve your car's grip on the road!


We exclusively distribute and install tires from reputable brands.

Local Expertise

We'll provide tailored solutions to match your vehicle and requirements.

Extensive Tire Variety

We offer a wide range of summer and winter tires in various sizes.


Dedicated Experts in Automotive Tires

Given the critical role tires play in road safety, we strongly recommend entrusting our team with all tire-related tasks.

Whether you're seeking winter or summer tires, you'll discover the products you need at our center. In addition to supplying and expertly installing the right tires, our diligent and skilled specialists ensure rigorous quality control. We spare no effort in improving your vehicle's road grip.

High-quality summer and winter tires, along with dependable services for enhanced road traction

General Mechanics Saint-Michel